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Send us your device to repair and we will cover the return shipping! Fill out the Mail in Form at the Bottom of Site or E-Mail for more details and pricing.

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There Are Different Options You Can Consider

If you believe your cell phone is past the point of coming back, just know that repairs aren’t your only option. You could get an early upgrade, or you might even want to trade in your phone for a current or different model. Get in touch with one of our repair technicians today for a free quote and consultation - we can get you sorted in a few minutes!

Simple Answers, Rapid Solutions

We offer our comprehensive services to all of our customers, whether you’re a home user or a business. We’re a bit geeky, sure, but we’re not going to bury our customers in jargon – we make sure you understand everything happening during the service.

Best Electronics Repair Shop in Babylon

Things get broken. It's natural for something to wear out with time, but you shouldn't just throw away items that are nearly still usable. At JWS Electronics Repair LLC, we're proud that our electronics repair services are some of the best in North Babylon. With over ten years in the industry, we have been fixing electronics since before the first smart phone. We repair all types of electronics, including all brands of cell phones, tablets, computers, and game consoles. We also fix controllers and handheld games. We do repairs that most places can't do, like micro soldering of chips and components on motherboards, charging ports that need to be soldered, back glass repairs, and more. We're also an independent repair provider with access to original parts. We have lots of experience and the ability to do repairs that other companies cannot. We serve people of all ages and types, basically anyone that owns consumer electronics. If this sounds good, call us today at (631)855-5555.

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All services
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Repairing Services


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14 January 2024

14 January


I went to this place for a micro soldering service to fix my mercedes ignition switch, and the guy understood the job right away and got it done in 2/ 3 minutes...
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Joseph Pichardo

30 November 2023

30 November


It is always great when your expectations are exceeded. I brought in a circuit board that needed some micro soldering. Jimmy the tech ( I believe) came out and ...
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